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Ricardo | Customizable Maya Rig

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Ricardo | Customizable Maya Rig

fRigging Awesome Studios
5 ratings
  • Endlessly customizable through presets and sliders
  • Real-time playback through parallel evaluation on modern machines
  • Intuitive, flexible controls
  • MG Picker support + Studio Library support + Character Sidekick tool
  • Game-engine friendly *
  • Character design by Adriana Garcia, base model by Javier Benitez Vera
  • Supports Maya 2020+

More Info:

Picker and Pose Library Software Downloads:

* Game-Engine Compatibility:
This rig was designed to be compatible with most game engines, with a single-chain joint hierarchy, dedicated geometry group, and no non-skin cluster deformers. All skin clusters use linear skinning. There is no scale compensate on joints, but they do utilize non-uniform scale. Joint influences is currently 12, though a lite variant with 8 will be added for free soon. Joint count is a bit over 600. Currently the rig hasn't been fully tested in game-engines, so please let me know if you if you encounter any issues.

Free Future Updates:
The following updates are loose goals that could change.

  • Game Lite variant with fewer joint influences.
  • Facial corrective pass for a render variant to add an extra tiny bit of polish to the already very expressive face.

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