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The Mecha-Mechs: Dash + Flourish

12 ratings
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The Mecha-Mechs: Dash + Flourish

fRigging Awesome Studios
12 ratings
  • Blazing-fast playback through parallel evaluation
  • Intuitive, flexible controls
  • Simple, expressive face
  • MG Picker support + Character Sidekick tool
  • Game-engine friendly **
  • Character design by Emily Gerich + Josh Sobel
  • Supports Maya 2018+


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** Game-Engine Compatibility:
These rigs were designed to be compatible with most game engines, with a single-chain joint hierarchy, dedicated geometry group, and 4 max-influences on skins. They haven't been fully tested in game-engines, so please let me know if you if you encounter any issues. There also aren't any included textures as everything in the Maya rigs is flat-shaded, so you'll likely need to assign your own colors in your engine of choice.

** Currently the squashed eye system will not display properly in Unreal, and possible other engines. Please set the eye squash attribute to 1 to export as an FBX. This will make the eyes spherical, but will import properly into Unreal. Otherwise, just export as ABC.

Terms of Use:
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