Kayla Unlimited | Customizable Maya Rig

16 ratings
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Kayla Unlimited | Customizable Maya Rig

fRigging Awesome Studios
16 ratings
  • Completely rebuilt for modern expectations
  • Endlessly customizable through presets and sliders
  • Real-time playback through parallel evaluation on modern machines
  • Intuitive, flexible controls
  • MG Picker support + Studio Library support + Character Sidekick tool
  • Game-engine friendly *
  • Look development assistance for black character customization by Robert Paul Jr.
  • Supports Maya 2018+

More Info:

20% Off For Owners of Kayla Classic:Check your emails for your exclusive code if you purchased Kayla Classic before she was free. For discounts based on past school/studio purchases, please contact me.

Picker and Pose Library Software Downloads:http://mgland.com/MGPicker_en.html?url=Download

* Game-Engine Compatibility:
This rig was designed to be compatible with most game engines, with a single-chain joint hierarchy, dedicated geometry group, and no non-skin cluster deformers. All skin clusters use linear skinning. There is no scale compensate on joints, but they do utilize non-uniform scale. The rig has two fidelity options to choose between: Game High with 12 max influences or Game Lite with 8, featuring slightly reduced deformation quality. Joint count is over 600 for both. Currently the rig hasn't been fully tested in game-engines, so please let me know if you if you encounter any issues.

Free Future Updates:
The following updates are loose goals that could change.

  • Facial corrective pass for a render variant to add an extra tiny bit of polish to the already very expressive face

Terms of Use:
By downloading you agree to all terms below.

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I want this!
Kayla Unlimited Rig
Character Sidekick Tool
Studio Library File
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