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Character Simulation - Video Training Series

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Character Simulation - Video Training Series

fRigging Awesome Studios
28 ratings

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A complete guide to the workflows and skills required to create and work in a fully-featured character simulation pipeline, either personally or at major animation and FX studios.

Presented by Disney, Dreamworks and Blue Sky char sim artist Josh Sobel. Animation project files courtesy of Nick Kondo.

• Watch a full overview of industry-proven production pipelines.

• Learn to create sim rigs via both reference swap and cache-based methods.

• Learn to create nCloth setups for a dress and polygon hair, and an nHair setup for a necklace.

• Learn shot finaling / tech anim techniques.

• Learn demo reel tips to help you land a job quickly.

• Jumpstart your career by focusing on a skillset with far less competition than animation or rigging!

Moderate experience with Autodesk Maya is recommended.

Maya 2017+ is recommended when using the project files.

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Includes videos to stream or download, optional project files, optional Bonnie 2 rig.

2hr 42min


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