AnimPolish PREMIUM

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What is AnimPolish?

AnimPolish as a collection of deformation tools designed to push rigs and cloth/hair simulations past their limits. They are artist-friendly for animation, yet powerful enough for technically-minded simulation artists.

  • Create smears and push poses with SCULPT
  • Lock down pesky verts with WRAP ++
  • Kill jitters with SUBDUE
  • Fix cloth penetrations with GROW/SHRINK Smooth lumps and folds with IRON
  • Utilize a full Alembic pipeline with CACHING
  • Polish your shots with over 12 professional-grade shot finaling tools
  • No plug-ins means install anywhere in seconds

Maya 2016+ Recommended:

Maya 2016-2021 are fully tested. 2022+ is also supported for major features, though a few small utilities have issues. Feel free to try on untested Maya versions. If you are unable to use the tool, you'll qualify for a refund.


Free Basic Version:

Looking For Sticky Mod?

Sticky Mod has been extracted and published as its own totally free tool at the link below.

Video Walkthrough:

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AnimPolish PREMIUM

32 ratings
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